Nomination Period

The nomination period is every spring. Individual nominations are considered the year that they are submitted and are reconsidered the following two years. There are no limits to the number of nominations for an individual. Nomination forms for 2018 are due April 12, 2018.

Criteria For Selection

The Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame recognizes and honors individuals (living and deceased) for outstanding achievement on behalf of higher education in Oklahoma. To be eligible for induction, individuals must have been employed by one or more institutions of higher education in the State of Oklahoma on a full time basis for a minimum of ten years. In addition, individuals not employed by an institution of higher education in Oklahoma, but who have performed outstanding meritorious service to higher education in the state, also may be considered for induction, such services to be above and beyond financial contributions to any one institution.

  1. Fill out the nomination form. You can request a nomination form from OHEHS at 405-522-0779, emailing, or by downloading the form at the link below, printing and sending it to the address at the bottom of the form.
    Nomination Form (PDF)
    Nomination Form (MS Word)
  2. Provide a one page statement of nomination describing the nature of the Nominee's distinctive service to Oklahoma's higher education as part of your Nominating letter.
  3. Include an "official" resume prepared by the Nominee or the Nominee's institution.
  4. The nomination packets will undergo a review process by a Hall of Fame review committee and the year's inductees will be announced after the Inductees are notified.